Music Direction

The Tony Awards


Jamie has been the Tony's Associate Music Director (2009-2016) and a principal arranger/composer for many years.

In 2013 he conducted this amazing opening (video to the left) sung by Neil Patrick Harris and written by Lin-Manuel Miranda & Tom Kitt.

At the 2013 Emmy Awards, the 66th Annual Tony Awards took home four Emmy's, including Music Direction and Original Song. 

Click to see Jamie's work on the Tony's over the years. 

Klimawechsel (Climate Change)
Directed by Doris Dorrie

Nora York and Jamie wrote and produced the opening music and additional underscoring for this six part dramatic series about menopausal woman . It premiered on German TV and went on to win many awards for its cast and director.

A Capitol Fourth

Jamie music-directed and arranged “Home” for Philip Phillips which was performed on the green in front of the Capitol. (Jamie plays and sings in, back stage-left.) 



As the World Turns

Jamie wrote the two Opening Themes that ran on ATWT from 2003-2010.


Bill Moyers and Company - PBS - composer

Crime Ink - A & E - composer

The Whistleblower - A & E - composer

Bill Moyers Presents: Earth on Edge - PBS - composer

Cannibals of the Canyon - Channel 4 UK - composer

Mummy Road Show - National Geographic - composer

Extreme Science Series - National Geographic - composer

Night Visitors - NBC Movie of the Week - composer

Going Places - 20 Hour  PBS Series - composer

Smoke Alarm - HBO - composer

Lost Warrior of the Clouds - Discovery Channel - composer

Wildlife Vets With Alicia Silverstone - TBS - composer

Pirates Gold - Nova - composer

Monsterfest Week with Tim Burton - AMC - composer

Mentor and The Hip Hop Owls - WB Network - composer

Sesame Street - CTW - composer